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You might need and IEP for your child if….

IEP eligibility: if the condition adversely affects the student’s ability to progress in the general education curriculum without special education support and services in the areas of (e.g. processing time to organize information, social emotional, self-regulation, coping strategies, self-advocacy, and (academic areas – math, reading, writing that might be adversely affected during a flare.)


Example Accommodations for an PANDAS/PANS/AE Student:

Reduce shorten assignments (content mastery is shown)

Break down/chunk assignments into smaller parts

Preferential seating (where depends on the student’s individual needs)

Clear concise directions

Check for understanding

Allow extra processing time for responses

Extra time on assignments/assessments

Separate setting for assignments

Regular check in with case manager/psychologist

Access to safe person/place

Calming breaks as needed

Student is not penalized with respect to grades when school is missed due to illness/flare

Ability to leave classroom temporarily for self-regulation of tics/anxiety

No penalty for non-participation in classroom due to tics/anxiety

Allow for stress relieving/tic controlling items in class (e.g. stress ball, gum)

Option to move to another seat in the room if a peer nearby is sick

Use of personal computer

Consultation by case manager/counselor/psychologist to general education teacher

Use of pre-arranged signal to teacher when student needs to leave class due to anxiety/tic


Example IEP goal areas (note goals must be written in a specific way to be measurable, these are not goals per se, just goal areas/examples):


Communicate needs to teacher when there is an anxiety causing situation


Develop strategies to use/practice strategies in mock scenario/be able to utilize strategies to calm (e.g. need a break, deep breath, replace negative thought with positive thought)


After an episode, return to regulated state by using regulation strategies


Regulation – identify negative to positive word choices when dealing with a difficult situation, determine what alternative word choices are available, utilize positive word choices in practice


Reframe a negative or fixed mindset to growth mindset in a mock scenario when reflecting on real life situations


Work towards utilizing a growth mindset in real life situations at school (generalization)


Solve grade level math word problems by determining the function needed to solve and the steps needed to solve the problem correctly


Demonstrate appropriate self-advocacy by utilizing check-in appointments with counselor/case manager


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